“I love to use Cocoché to take my make-up off after a long day. My skin feels restored. I get an incredible colour to my skin when outdoors if I have moisturised my body with Cocoché after my morning shower. I also love to finish the day with Cocoché in my bath. Just place my bottle into the bath while running. When I hop in, Cocoché has liquified and I pour two capfuls over my body into the bath. Just heaven”

Michelle White, Number One Fan, 35yrs

“I just know if it’s Cocoché it’s made with love. They are awesome informing me with the incredible health benefits on their Facebook page. All my friends want mine!”

Kellie Vincent, Mother, 41yrs

“My mum puts it on everything. I smell like a coconut!”

Charlie, Super healthy thanks to her mum, 9yrs

“It takes ten years of your face! I don’t like most moisturisers for my face, but this is wonderful-doesn’t feel like you’re putting an oil on your skin. Absorbs straight in. Skin feels so soft”.

Julie Day, Lady of Leisure, 47yrs

“The company is beautiful. Super kind and honest. Cocoché uses superior coconut oil. Some Coconut oil is refined to make it fit for human consumption. This stuff is top quality. If your gonna do it, may as well do it properly”.

Richard, Australia, 59yrs

“I buy the litre and use for cooking and refill my bath oil and facial bottle. Best of both worlds”

Raewyn Russell, Sales, 58yrs

“”I buy it for my mother. She is 88 years old this year. She uses it on her skin for dermatitis. She takes two tablespoons a day in her meals to keep her memory sharp and blood sugars balanced.”

Craig Russell, 60yrs

“I use Cocoché Coconut Oil as it was recommended to use in cooking. It’s superior quality to get 100% of the health benefits in digestion”.

Andrew Stewart,
Health and Fitness Freak, 38yrs

“Cocoché is my absolute go to fave product! I use it morning, noon and night on my face, body & hair.
And on Isla-Rose after her baby bath. She’s like my little bounty bar.
It’s the best. xx”.

Zoe Sanders,
Makeup Artist & Director @ Makeup By Zoe