We get asked a lot how Cocoché is superior to other coconut oils. Well, our oil is produced using a unique oil extraction process called Direct Micro Expelling (DME®). Not only is it organic, environmentally sustainable, 100% cold pressed, unrefined and supports Fair Trade, you personally will notice the difference in texture, taste & effectiveness.


In the early 1990’s, confronted by the needs of remote island communities in the South Pacific, an Australian doctor pioneered extra virgin coconut oil production and invented the Direct Micro Expelling (DME®) process. DME® is an exclusive coconut oil extraction process that takes less than an hour to turn selected mature coconuts into delicious hand-pressed extra virgin coconut oil. This Australian technology is the quickest process in the world.  Along with strict quality controls, it locks in all the flavour and goodness.


Conventional coconut oil comes from dried coconut flesh, called copra. Copra is dried in a wood-fuelled kiln, or in the sun, over a period of a few days. It is time-consuming, dirty, lonely, arduous, male-dominated, fuel-intensive and low-paying work. Many farmers consider it a form of slavery.


Direct Micro Expelling uses a totally different approach to coconut compared to that of the copra industry. With DME® we take (small-scale) processing to the nuts rather than taking the nuts (in debased form) to a (large-scale) processing plant located in another country. The outcome is that DME® produces a virgin coconut oil (VCO) of vastly superior quality copra oil (CNO).
“Direct Micro Expelling” is highly descriptive of the technology. It is:

  • Direct — quick (oil produced within 1 hour of opening the nut) and efficient (Its oil extraction efficiency or OEE is 85% of the available oil).
  • Micro — small scale (family farm size).
  • Expelling — extraction of virgin oil and meal

The DME® Process concentrates on a small, manageable, daily throughput of up to 1,000 nuts. It is a “dry-process” using its shells as fuel. Whereas exactly the same resource made into copra takes a week to make and pack and then take many weeks to ship and process in large overseas oil mills.

DME® also gives regular meaningful employment to teams of women and/or men of all ages. In general, the gross return from the DME® process is about 5 times, and the net return is about 8 times that of copra.

The DME® process is made fully sustainable by using coconut shell as the fuel for the drier. It does not need wood from local forest resources or non-renewable fossil fuels.


  • Cold-pressed virgin oil produced within one hour of opening a nut
  • Handmade and natural, raw and unrefined
  • Health giving — rich in medium chain triglycerides, especially lauric acid
  • No trans-fatty acids and not hydrogenated
  • Free fatty acid (FFA) level less than 0.1% at production
  • Clear as pure water when settled
  • Natural mild coconut aroma and flavour
  • Production temperature not more than 35°C above melting point
  • Keeps at room temperature for at least two years
  • Produced by small village units with easy-to-use DME® hand-operated press
  • Produced where coconuts grow, empowering local families in their own business in remote areas
  • Reversing the trend of youth having to go to the cities to look for work
  • Gender-neutral, family ‘cottage industry’ processing – not factory conditions
  • A self-fuelling process that uses coconut oil, shell and husk as fuel
  • 100% renewable and sustainable energy source

We truly believe “only the best is good enough!”

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