Only The Best Is Good Enough


Cocoché Nutrition is 100% Extra Virgin, cold pressed, certified organic coconut oil.
It’s so premium it’s as if you’ve just opened a fresh coconut straight from the islands.
No processing, refining or deodorising – just pure goodness.


World’s Best DME®
Coconut Oil

Our DME® production in the beautiful Solomon Islands takes the processing to the coconuts rather then the coconuts to the processing meaning Cocoché is produced within ONE HOUR of opening the coconuts.

It therefore retains its purest molecular structure, keeping all of its powerful natural qualities intact. That’s what makes it the most premium of coconut oils. We promise you’ll notice the difference.

Proudly New Zealand
Owned & Operated

Cocoché was founded in the summer of 2013 in the beachside town of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Inspired by creativity, conscious consumerism and an emphasis on quality and purity, Cocoché grew a strong following for those who love natural, organic skincare, health and nutrition.
Currently based in Hawke’s Bay, we are excited to spread the Cocoché love further afield.
We are excited for the future can’t wait to bring the benefits of our “white gold’ into more lives and experience the powerful beauty of Cocoché Nutrition.

We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Environmental Sustainability &
Fair Trade

At Cocoché Nutrition, being environmentally sustainable is hugely important to us in being a responsible business.

Our DME® oil, is Certified Organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) which is a great encouragement to the producers, assures customers of the quality of the oil, and is kind to the environment.

We also support Fair Trade. The families who produce our coconut oil, are guaranteed to receive fair prices, long term contracts and support to develop their businesses in the global economy. This also means no child labour and no involuntary or forced labour.

Health Benefits

Natures ultimate gift


Cocoché’s benefits internally within our diet and externally on our skin are endless. With high levels of natural lauric acid, anti-microbial properties and uses in ancient remedies, Cocoché is all you need for your optimal health, beauty and natural well-being.

The natural powerful qualities of Cocoché are in abundance.